Office Hours Nurse Triage

eliminates costly turnover and saves you hours spent training new employees.


After Hours Nurse Triage

provides relief for tired physicians, giving them time to relax outside of the office.


Remote Patient Monitoring

improves patient outcomes and generates revenue for physician practices.


Hospital Partnerships

reduce readmission rates, improve patient satisfaction, and generate revenue for hospital organizations.

How we do it?


We create a


To meet the specific needs of your organization

We give you a


With affordable prices to save you time and money

We offer


To our experienced healthcare team 24/7/365

Nurse First

Patients receive instant access to our medical team when calling their provider’s office anytime of day. Calls are answered directly by our specially trained staff, eliminating the need for call center agents and reducing wait times. Patients receive immediate care and attention without having to be transferred. Patient satisfaction improves as callers are not asked to repeat themselves over and over.


  • How long does it take to set up a new service?
  • Do your nurses speak Spanish?
  • Can you schedule appointments for our patients?
  • Do you offer follow up calls?
  • How do you communicate with providers?
How long does it take to set up a new service?

The setup process is quick and easy. After we meet with you and your team, determine a plan that works for you, and have the signed service agreements in place, a go live date can be set right away.

Do your nurses speak Spanish?

Our nurses use a language service line with 300 different languages including Spanish. We also have access to Sign Language services.

Can you schedule appointments for our patients?

Yes, our team can schedule appointments directly in your system following any specific instructions or preferences you have.

Do you offer follow up calls?

As part of our telephone triage process we offer free urgent follow up calls within one hour of initial contact with patients who have concerning symptoms, yet do not meet the criteria to send to the emergency room or an urgent care clinic.

In addition, we offer discharge follow up calls to hospital organizations that provide the hospital with a means to improve their patient satisfaction scores, decrease hospital readmission rates, and increase revenue for their organization. 

How do you communicate with providers?

We have a HIPAA secure platform that allows our staff to contact providers via phone or text, depending on their preferences.

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